Catholics Sex & Nazi Nuns

The one real affront to nature and the natural way is the call to celibacy, the rallying cry of at least one Catholic abomination .Why oh why must a person be celibate in order to be closer to any god of love that they invent?  What a very strange idea (and one that clearly does not work). Can you imagine what would happen if everyone decided that in order to get closer to a God and not be ‘corrupted by the flesh’ they too would be celibate? The human race would vanish in a lifetime.

The Church has corrupted the act of making love into an abomination. It has told us that the most wonderful nature/universal given gift of love between two people is dirty and disgusting. But it is not. In fact, it is at the centre of what Jesus and Mary Magdalene taught. It is the absolute hub of the teachings. Nature has made the expression of total love such a wonderfully pleasurable experience for two people. It is an expression of real and natural love. But the Church hates it – the Roman Catholic Church actually bans it for their priests!!! In doing this they are actually banning love, the very essence of true spirituality and the core reason for human existence. And this is where the Church has once again gone horribly wrong.

The Christian religion blames the female for the ‘fall’ of man in the first place in the so-called Garden of Eden. It considers the woman to be the corrupter of man. It tells us that thinking of a female in a sexual way or in a loving way that involves sexual thoughts is wrong and impure. ‘Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned – I have had impure thoughts.’ Yet it is the most natural thing in the world for a man to think about a woman this way, and vice-versa of course: It is just as natural for a woman to think of a man in a sexual way also. This is nature after all. Is nature impure? Is nature itself sinful? of course not.

Time and again the Church refers to woman as the corrupter of man. But this is the work of a patriarchal institution more fearful of women than anything else. ‘To lay with a woman is to lay with corruption itself.’  The reverse is the case and enlightenment is female.

So, at least one Church bans its priesthood from experiencing what amounts to the epitome of nature and oneness. The Catholic Church bans the priesthood from marrying or becoming involved with a woman in a romantic or sexual way. This denies his workforce of any first-hand experience and knowledge of this type of profound love. It removes the priesthood from any such loving experience – and yet surely universal love is a subject in which the priesthood should be well versed?

The Church, though, believes that making love, the joining of two people in the act of love, is corruption. Unless of course those two people have been joined together in marriage by the Church. So, nature’s greatest gift to two people only becomes acceptable when the Church gives you the green light and a piece of paper.

Because of the teachings of the Church young girls who became pregnant and were not ‘married’ were sent away for the duration of the pregnancy in countless numbers to institutions run by Catholic nuns. Parents held the firm belief that their pregnant daughter was a dirty corrupter – a sinner. She was to be sent away before the pregnancy began to show in order that the parents were not shamed in the community. Such was the level of Church-induced stigma that at the very time when a young girl needed her parents most – for help, support and most of all understanding, compassion and love – she was rejected by them at the behest of the Church. In many, many cases these poor unfortunate wretches were treated abominably during their pregnancy incarceration by these representatives of an imaginary all-loving God. Directly after giving birth their babies were taken from them. From beginning to end the physical experience was terrible. Add to this the psychological nightmare of being constantly told that you are dirty and unworthy and you have a scenario worthy of a concentration camp. The Church of Rome and its Nazi nuns were as far removed from ‘God’ as it was possible to be. The young girls – lost, confused, innocent; yes, innocent – received not one scrap of compassion or love.

Marriage is a man-made institution and there is no prerequisite from nature/universe that two people who are in love should or should not make love. Making love outside of marriage is not a sin. Don’t let any priest tell you that it is.

Love is divine. If two people are in love, then nothing is more natural than for them to make love. It is the epitome of a very positive emotion. When there are so many negative emotions like hatred and anger in the world today, the expression of such a positive emotion in such an all-consuming way is pleasing to the spirit world. Marriage is not necessary.

Love is what is important. To say, as the Church clearly does, that you must get married before you can make love, that no matter what the marriage cannot be dissolved, and that if you do dissolve it you cannot be forgiven is stupidity beyond belief. They impose, then judge, condemn and then outcast. Aren’t these all the things that Jesus told us not to do?

However, let us be perfectly clear on one very important point. Two people who meet and just have sex after only a short while without a deep feeling of love or respect for one another just cheapen themselves and give themselves too freely. They should really wait for that special person for true love to be involved. Not waiting, though, is no sin before God, but it can affect self-esteem. All I would really say is choose your partners as wisely as you can. Only sleep with those you love. Be as sure as you can be before you give everything. Then love and don’t feel guilty about it – feel good.

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Author: earthshiftnow

Author of 'Buried By The Church' and 'The Little Book of LIfe....Afterlife.' Speaker on the spiritual and Ancient Wisdom. Proponent of Free Spirit thinking and Hippie/Bohemian way of life. Dead against today's controlled yet broken society, designed by an elite for the elite.

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