So it begins

All of my life (well since I was about 11) I have known that I have a foot in both worlds.  The things I have been shown that few would believe, the knowledge that I have been given about the universe and all of its wonders, that would gain me a ticket to a lunatic asylum in today’s self-centered and crazy world, all these mean that I look at life on earth and all of its meanings and implications, from the viewpoint of one who is an onlooker as well as a participant.  The onlooker they say, sees more of the game.

I have been blogging for a week now and the most views this blog has had in one day is 10 and the least is 1.  So now I have decided that I am going to tell you all of the things that have happened to me regarding the spiritual, connecting to those on higher planes of existence, of life on other planets, higher evolved beings, ghosts and life after what we rather unenlightenedly call ‘death’.  I will tell you of what our ancestors called faeries and ‘little people’ and the myths that have a basis in fact but have been exaggerated and given a story of their own.  I will tell of Tarot and mysticism, of the creatures you consider ‘below’ you from whom you can learn much. I will tell you of the wisdom of the ancients, the cycles of the earth, the visitors and the watchers and of this society that teaches its people that all these things are ridiculous – because this is true wisdom and they want you in the dark.

I have been on this planet (this time around) for 66 years so far and in that time I have seen more and experienced things way outside the limitations of this tiny blip in a huge universe that teems with life.

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Author: earthshiftnow

Author of 'Buried By The Church' and 'The Little Book of LIfe....Afterlife.' Speaker on the spiritual and Ancient Wisdom. Proponent of Free Spirit thinking and Hippie/Bohemian way of life. Dead against today's controlled yet broken society, designed by an elite for the elite.

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