The Rainbow Awakening

The Native American Peoples spoke in their Rainbow Warrior prophecy about generations of white men who would grow their hair long, wear bright colours and talk of peace and love.  These people and others would begin ‘the Awakening’ – or ‘the quickening’ of minds to the truth of the universe.  This is the beginning of a shift in consciousness which will gradually sweep across the planet.  The people will free the spirit within them and change their lives forever with real truth. They will be motivated and inspired to see the world and all that is going on in a caring universal way.

The scales of society’s blindness will fall from their eyes.  The wisdom of the Ancients will be known to all –  as modern-day falsehoods and belief systems are exposed.

The world and life itself was not meant to be lived in the suffering and manipulation that we are all unknowingly subjected to.  It is time to free the spirit, see life anew, and allow your children to inherit a better way and a calmer, caring and loving planet earth.

If mankind continues on his present path of war, greed, manipulation and destruction of resources, the future is bleak indeed.  To those of you who are sitting comfortably, perhaps retired and living in relative ease – think of the children and the world that they will inherit if the current craziness. doesn’t change.

This is ‘The Rainbow Awakening’.  It is a movement of people in peace and love.  If you would like to be a part of it then please do get involved.                                                               If you want to email me then please do.  E:

Supporters of The Rainbow Awakening could identify themselves by wearing a white scarf as a symbol of change and peace.  Perhaps ‘like souls’ will recognise each other, speak to each other  and help to spread the word.  It is the voice of the people, in vast numbers who will bring change.

I am commencing MOTIVATIONAL & INSPIRATIONAL TALKS & CHATS TO GROUPS, CLUBS & SOCIETIES and will also speak to people on a One to One basis to inspire them to set themselves free and break the chains of life’s unnatural pressures.  These talks are FREE of charge.

We have one event planned where we will be promoting The Rainbow Awakening and it is HIPPIEFEST EAST 2018 at Beccles Public Hall & Theatre, Beccles, Suffolk, England on Sunday Sept 9th (an image is in the slide show below.)  Visit HippieFest UK on Facebook to find out more!

Hopefully in the future enough people will join us so that we can have rallies and stands at events across the whole of the UK and beyond.  Everything is possible

Sites being upgraded today    See Facebook:  Neal Sutton.  Facebook:  HippieFest UK

See the slideshow below for just some of the things that we want to help change.  View the slideshows of my other posts for more!

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Author: earthshiftnow

Author of 'Buried By The Church' and 'The Little Book of LIfe....Afterlife.' Speaker on the spiritual and Ancient Wisdom. Proponent of Free Spirit thinking and Hippie/Bohemian way of life. Dead against today's controlled yet broken society, designed by an elite for the elite.

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