The ‘Alien’ visit.

Yesterday and today I am in the process of changing websites and updating my Facebook pages to echo the spirit of the ‘Rainbow Awakening’ movement.  The movement is open to anyone who wants a fairer more caring and compassionate world.  A world in which empathy, peace and love are the by-words for living each and every day.

Imagine if you will that a visitor arrives from another world, a world that has evolved to a point that greed, hatred and wars have been replaced profound empathy for each other, and everything that lives and breathes in the world.  What would he/she see?  (Lets call her ‘she’ from this point on!)  And let us imagine that this wonderful higher evolved being could see right through the lies and the deceit of mankind.  It is not hard to do because with evolving comes the ability to see into the heart and soul of a spirit living a corporeal existence.

She would witness first of all the suffering of the Earth Mother and the pollution of her oceans, rivers, land and air.  She would wonder why we would destroy the planet that sustains us, why we would poison what gives us life and air to breathe. She would see the hunters killing nature’s beautiful wild creatures for sport merely to have a photograph taken with one foot proudly positioned on the body in triumph and superiority.  She would witness the shooters of birds bred especially for the thrill of the ‘kill’ and the hunting of foxes and the blessing of the hunters by a vicar – and tears would start to fall.

This higher evolved being would visit governments of all countries and look deep into the hearts of those politicians, lobbyists and other inhabitants of this unethical unscrupulous warped  seat of power.  The levels of lies, deceit and greed would bombard her heart and she would buckle under the sheer onslaught from the twisted hearts and minds of most people there.

She would see the governments of dictatorships and would feel the fear in the hearts of the people.  She would see the dark terrifying unstoppable force of the secret agencies of the US government and she would wonder what is meant by ‘the land of the free’.

She would be aware of the control of the people by religions invented by man and corrupted from the teachings of the sages of long ago, some of them visitors like her.  The truth of other creatures, nature spirits, ghosts, entities, life on other planets, tarot, ancient wisdom is all lost to the realm of myth in this unevolved world of living for today.

She would witness the cruelty perpetrated to millions of sentient creatures by unevolved man, those creatures fed with unnatural substances  then killed and fed to the people,  The manipulation of the people to conform – for there are none so enslaved as those who truly believe that they are free.  She witnesses the people with the scales of blindness across their eyes sitting children by a variety of screens every day learning to kill as many as possible to gain access to the next level.

She knows that violence and the acceptance of violence as part of life is endemic and to an extent accepted as normal for the day.  She knows people have turned their backs on nature and all of her cures.  She watches as people raise money for Cancer research whilst governments outlaw nature’s cures.  And she watches as Big Pharmaceutical companies get rich as the people die.  She sees parents too busy to care for their children and schools not teaching of love and empathy.  Not teaching how to watch as flowers and vegetables grow and know the magic of nature and life.  Not teaching that life is a circle and growing old is nothing to fear and that all the anti-ageing efforts made count for nought.  She sees the elderly, those who have a lifetime of experiences and wisdom to impart, undervalued and forgotten, like old age is a thing to be feared instead of embraced and lived as your heart and mind returns to knowing the spiritual and not caring for the material anymore.  Society’s hold on the spirit diminishes.

She prepares for home and she sees the hope for the mankind in the form of the peacemakers, the spiritual people,the healers, the restorers, the flower children of all ages, the people with deep love in their hearts – and they are legion!   She leaves with a heavy heart wondering if mankind will ever truly learn.

So, hello you dreamers of a better life, you non-conformists, you unconventional, unusual, quirky, misfits and mystics.  You are the ones who will show the world how to see through different eyes – opened eyes.  So join the RAINBOW AWAKENING

E:  and just write  Yes!  Follow me on Facebook  Neal Sutton or Facebook  Hippiefest UK and keep in touch.  We are planning a gathering following HippieFest East in September.

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Author: earthshiftnow

Author of 'Buried By The Church' and 'The Little Book of LIfe....Afterlife.' Speaker on the spiritual and Ancient Wisdom. Proponent of Free Spirit thinking and Hippie/Bohemian way of life. Dead against today's controlled yet broken society, designed by an elite for the elite.

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