The planet is beautiful but its inhabitants are ruled by psychopaths consumed with power and greed.  The majority of the remainder are fed propaganda so that they agree with what the madmen (and a few women) are doing.  In addition to the spoon-feeding of propaganda to the sheeples they are fed with things to occupy their minds that become addictive like mobile phones, computer games and computers themselves.

The greedy psychopaths are laughing heartily because they have pulled off a blinder!  Not only is nearly every human being addicted to these things, the items in question carry cameras and microphones that track your movements, watch your movements and listen to your conversations.  I am not saying that they do, all the time, but they can.

The psychopaths love it because the sheeples don’t even care. Sheeples are also spoon fed mind-numbing programmes on tv that 50 years ago would not even have been considered for broadcast because of their stupidity.  The dumbing down is entirely intentional.

So where does this leave this wonderful planet?  Is it doomed to be destroyed?  Will mankind end his days engulfed in falling missiles, spinning through the air that no-one can breathe anymore whilst standing thigh deep in rubbish and waste.  Perhaps.

There are two kinds of human beings on this planet at this time – Those who can see the folly but are powerless to change it – and those who are blind to it all and will carry on just living their lives amid the chaos and the greed.

There are many who are awakening to a better way.  Those who are connecting or connecting to the energy of the universe through nature itself or via a direct link themselves.  These people are working hard to open minds, to free the spirit and to awaken as many people as possible to a more empathic life.

Every single day more people are spiritually awakening and recognising a world in turmoil and realising that they can do something about it.  They know they cannot change the ways of the psychopaths but they can change their friend, their neighbour, their cousin, their mums and dads.  One at a time the change will happen and as more and more people are awakened to a better way of living they will eventually have a collective voice.  Maybe that voice will one day be able to change the world.


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Author: earthshiftnow

Author of 'Buried By The Church' and 'The Little Book of LIfe....Afterlife.' Speaker on the spiritual and Ancient Wisdom. Proponent of Free Spirit thinking and Hippie/Bohemian way of life. Dead against today's controlled yet broken society, designed by an elite for the elite.

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