Crucifixion & Lies

The following is an extract from my book  ‘Buried By The Church’

Jesus had to meet with the closest of his friends, the Essenes (dedicated healers), as well as with Judas and James (Jesus’ brother – also known as Joseph of Arimathea.) The Essenes would administer a herb mixture to Jesus whilst on the cross. It would simulate apparent death and should convince the guards to surrender the body. It was risky and once administered they would not have too long to administer the cure. Time was of the essence.And so the plan was born. Jesus would be handed over to the Sanhedrin, and he gave Judas the task of doing just that.

Now the Sanhedrin never usually met at the Passover but it did not take a lot to get them to call a hasty meeting. After all, this man was a troublemaker and here was an opportunity to be rid of him once and for all.

When the Last Supper neared its end, Jesus leaned over to Judas and said quietly, ‘Do it now.’ Judas was far from the traitor who betrayed Jesus. His part in the plan was crucial.

Contrary to the Bible story, Jesus did not have a very public execution. He was, in fact, crucified in a small area near some land owned by Joseph of Arimathea. Nearby was a private garden containing a tomb-like structure. Watching close by were Jesus’ Essene friends, frantic with worry about the barbaric wounds inflicted upon his wrists and feet. Whilst on the cross Jesus was administered a herb on a sponge that caused him to lose consciousness.

Joseph then managed to convince the Roman guards that Jesus was dead and they surrendered the ‘body’ to him. Not an easy task removing Jesus from the cross, but it had to be done quickly. Joseph and the others took Jesus to the ‘tomb’ where his friends, the Essenes, feverishly worked on the apparently lifeless body. They tended the massive wounds on his wrists and feet, as well as the wounds on his back from the lashings he had received. It took all of their knowledge and dedication. They tended his spiritual needs also. No one expected Jesus to suffer on the cross the way that he had: the lashings that he and only he received, the brutal nailing of his hands and feet. Like the Catholic Inquisitors that were to follow them, the Sanhedrin revenge was total. Jesus was in a much worse physical state than his friends ever expected to see. But his spiritual and physical determination was unbelievably strong.

Mary went to a quiet area of the desert terrain on her own, very private vision quest. She asked for only one thing: that her man should survive, for they still had much to do. She got the answer she needed to hear and returned to be with him. Once back at the tomb Mary cared for Jesus and assisted the Essenes during the next couple of days. On the third morning Jesus had recovered sufficiently to be walking around, albeit slowly. His wounds were healing well.

After a slightly better night’s sleep, Mary walked close to the garden that morning and was met by an Essenes healer dressed as always in white. She looked to a nearby cemetery. The healer smiled, looked at Mary and said the line now accredited to an angel: ‘Why look for the living among the dead?’ He went on to say, ‘Go to him; he is anxious to see you.’

Mary was at the crucifixion and was with him throughout the healing. It is she whom Jesus asked to take the news of the ‘resurrection’ to the other disciples. The very early Church recognised her true place when they gave her the title ‘Apostola Apostolorum’ – Apostle of the Apostles or The First Apostle. She was known even at that time to be second only to Jesus – not Peter. If only the people of that time had known that Mary was at least Jesus’ spiritual equal.

As mentioned in The Templar Revelation, the question must be asked: Where were all the male disciples? They certainly weren’t at the crucifixion; only Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ mother Mary and Martha are mentioned. The male disciples fled after the last supper and kept their heads low! They all deserted him. So much for the male-dominated Church that has no time for women as leaders. They listen too much to the words of Paul and Peter. It does them no credit. Does not one person in the Christian Church realise that it was the females who stood by Jesus through the crucifixion and beyond – long after the men like Peter had not only fled the scene but also repeatedly denied him? Is this the man to whom the pope of the Roman Catholic Church is ordained to be a successor? Irony indeed. Actually it may be rather fitting that the corrupt and manipulative Church of Rome allies itself so closely to one who ran away, denying all knowledge of Jesus.

After the so-called resurrection Jesus was still weak and in a certain amount of pain from his ordeal, but he and Mary met with the Essenes and Joseph. Joseph told them that it was too dangerous for Jesus there now and perhaps he should lie low for a while. And in any event, a rising God does not stay around! Jesus went to meet his disciples and they were upset that he had met Mary first. Peter’s hatred of women grew. Jesus told them to carry on teaching The Way, although he doubted that Peter had really grasped his teaching considering his dislike of women in general.

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Author: earthshiftnow

Author of 'Buried By The Church' and 'The Little Book of LIfe....Afterlife.' Speaker on the spiritual and Ancient Wisdom. Proponent of Free Spirit thinking and Hippie/Bohemian way of life. Dead against today's controlled yet broken society, designed by an elite for the elite.

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