The barbarism and cruelty of men and women all over the world is seemingly endless.  No amount of torture and/or sadism is apparently too much.  Imparting suffering appears to be the only goal – and if that suffering ends in death – well who cares?

The suffering of animals for so-called ‘sport’ is nothing short of lunacy with horseracing being just as barbaric as fox-hunting.  Horses are raced with broken limbs and many are put to death after falling on the track.  The only thought of the owners is ‘how much have I lost’?

With fox-hunting the picture is many, many times worse.  Fox-hunting, despite being banned, still goes on openly.  Foxes are bred in captivity and many cubs are fed alive to the hounds by sadistic, uncaring idiots. But these left-overs from the old aristocracy who cling on to their barbarism, know that the police are on their side as foxhunting prosecutions rarely get to court and the police only arrest hunt saboteurs who are vainly trying to prevent an animal being torn to pieces alive.

These Horae Henrys and Henriettas with their buck teeth and foul language think they rule the countryside and can ride roughshod over anybody’s land – and they are not far out because the police don’t want to stop them.  I bet some of the foul-mouthed red-coated murderous dervishes are magistrates too!

And then there is the Church of England whose vicars regularly bless the hunters and wish them a good hunt.  The hunt them run off with their horns blasting and god on their side.  I have news for the vicars, the hunters and the magistrates.  What you are doing is against every natural law and is an affront to nature.

So add to these lunatics, the Bullfighters, the Cock fighters, Dog baiters, the Stag hunters and of course those who hunt ‘big game’ with high-powered rifles whilst staying a very safe distance – and those farmers and other ‘country folk who go out shooting pheasants and small animals like rabbits for fun (under the guise of countryside management)  these are the people who have fallen far from nature and their very reason for living.  They have let their earthly lust for killing take over from their in-built yet dormant natural empathy with all living things.  Their compassion for sentient creatures that they are fortunate enough to share the planet with remains hidden deep down in their dark souls.  It waits for enlightenment.  It may never come until the day when all things of this earth falls from them, the money, the possessions, the positions of power and control.  When all they have left to take with them back to the spiritual is everything they did and their reasons for doing them.  They will take the love that they gave and received, the love they held in their heart and they love that they showed.  Nothing more.

When is mankind going to be able to live on this beautiful planet in harmony with each other if he cannot even show kindness to the other spiritual creatures placed here for him to encounter.  What can he possibly achieve if he does not respect them?

They will tell you that they own the land and can control nature and kill what they like.  I say, all of the human race must care for the earth mother and all of her creatures – or we will carry on with the greed, the wars for resources and the hatred in a world where empathy, kindness and compassion are seen as weaknesses.

No wonder those higher evolved beings watch and wait for mankind to evolve.  They know that many people on the planet are evolving – but those in power are psychopaths.

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Author: earthshiftnow

Author of 'Buried By The Church' and 'The Little Book of LIfe....Afterlife.' Speaker on the spiritual and Ancient Wisdom. Proponent of Free Spirit thinking and Hippie/Bohemian way of life. Dead against today's controlled yet broken society, designed by an elite for the elite.

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