ISRAEL The barbarism of the ‘chosen ones’

To me and many others no doubt, Israel is a pariah state.  It is a parasite clinging onto the back of this world.  It is a state that has utter contempt for those who gave up part of their land so that it could even exist.  It steals land from Palestine, makes war upon it, it blockades what is left of Palestine by land sea and air.  It controls everything that comes into Palestine including meagre rations of food.  The people of Palestine have little or no electricity, hardly any work because businesses cannot function properly.  The people of Palestine are not free to leave or travel and are prisoners in their own country with Israel playing the part of a cruel, sadistic captor with absolute impunity.

This week, with little or no hospital supplies like medicines, drugs and other necessities, two ships full of acutely sick Palestinians will leave Palestine and attempt to break through the evil Israeli blockade of despair.  They will not succeed. Israel will board the ships, shoot some of the crew, take prisoners and send the ships back for the sick to die.

Let me get one thing straight here.  Everything that Israel is doing is against International Law.  In the last few weeks their snipers have shot and killed 100 protesters at the border.  This isn’t the real border, it is the Israeli imposed border, well inside Palestine.  Many of those shot were children and a few protesters were in wheelchairs.  The Palestinians threw stones and burned tyres.  The Israelis picked off protesters with trained snipers.  Why does the world allow Israel to get away with everything that they are doing.  amnesty International along with many others have tried to end this via the United Nations but always they are blocked by the veto of the USA.  So the torture, the carnage and the cruelty to men women & children goes on.  America, the self-professed ‘land of the free’ stands beside Israel in all of their illegal, immoral and barbaric activities.

The USA is full of religious extremists (the Christian Kind)- and they are the worst.  I have always known that the USA’s antics in Iraq, Libya, Syria and soon Iran is at the behest of Israel, who fully intend to dominate the Middle East, the Palestinians being mere bugs to be squashed along the way.

Someone told me recently that the USA sees Israel/Jews as the chosen people and the so-called ‘second coming’ will happen in Jerusalem.  The Israeli people think that Netanyahu has been ‘touched by the hand of god’ and is doing god’s work.  That is why at the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem Air Force One was full of money-grabbing TV evangelists and spreaders of religious claptrap.  While they quaffed champagne Palestinians were being murdered.

Breaking news for Netanyahu and Trump.  Jesus taught not one word of hatred or cruelty.  With every fibre of his being he stood for Empathy, Compassion, Kindness and love.  I am quite sure he won’t want anything to do with the nasty barbarism of the USA & Israel. Didn’t he also say:  ‘What shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world but loses his very soul’.

Come on International community via the UN, talk about putting things right and ban the interested parties from the discussions.  Keep the USA and Israel out of the decision-making.  Time to grow a pair and do what is right.

Finally I am not in favour of anti-Semitism.  I am totally against aggression and cruelty by cowards who have no morals like the USA and Israel.  Jews have a short memory and I think that between Israel and the USA they will cause misery across the world with their world domination ambitions.


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Author: earthshiftnow

Author of 'Buried By The Church' and 'The Little Book of LIfe....Afterlife.' Speaker on the spiritual and Ancient Wisdom. Proponent of Free Spirit thinking and Hippie/Bohemian way of life. Dead against today's controlled yet broken society, designed by an elite for the elite.

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