Welcome to Earth Shift Now – A blog to promote a change in the hearts and minds of everyone.  Life on Earth was not meant to be like this.  Societies of the ruling rich and the struggling poor.  Of food banks and yachts, haves and have nots.  We teach kids war games but not how to plant a garden or care for animals and plants.  We follow religions of fear, sin and guilt whilst killing millions of sentient loving creatures every single day.   This site is about free thinking and changing life for the better.  It is about caring and changing, not just you but all those you know.  This is not just ‘outside the box’ thinking,  I am throwing the box away!   I will speak of the planet and all of it’s ills – and the only problem on this planet is the humans.  They are ‘Out Of Balance’ with nature and the Universal laws.   Find out more at http://www.nealsutton.co.uk

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