Gas, Guns & Hypocrisy

So Trump, May and Macron launched their little strike against those who do harm to others in a far off country without UN authority and in an act of hypocrisy such as the world has never seen before – since Tony Blair!

Trump is willing to send missiles from warships to those who allegedly attack civilians with chlorine gas but he is resolutely unwilling to prevent the cold-blooded murder of dozens of schoolchildren on ever-increasing occasions on his own soil.  Trump is ruled by the NRA (National Rifle Association) when it comes to curbing the sale of guns in the US.  Neither the NRA or those in congress care about the numbers of students being killed so long as they law doesn’t change to damage their profits.

May has sent in The Royal Air Force, taking off from Akrotiri in Cyprus to Syria to launch missiles at half a million pounds a pop, to attack Assad’s alleged Chemical site and two other unnamed sites.  May has no money for children’s support classes in our schools, no money for proper care of the elderly or those struggling with mental illness.  With more and more of the population of England living off food banks and murders increasing as the police disappear from UK streets due to cuts in funding, her actions display a kind of arrogance that beggars belief.  .  As someone said to me yesterday – “There is always money for war!”

I don’t know much about Macron and I don’t think anyone else does either.  It is clear however that this relatively unknown politician who swept to power without many people even knowing who he was, has an agenda that includes France being a major player in world politics.  I just wonder who is actually pulling his strings.

All leaders are responsible to big business and with Trump the disgusting NRA is just one of them. Which giant corporations lurk in parliament’s dark corridors I am not sure but trust me – it isn’t all about the people – it’s all about giant corporations, banks, oil and other leaders.

Any sane and sensible person knows that Iran is next in the sights of whoever is the president of the USA because Israel demands it and what Israel wants, Israel gets.

So  folks, when you hear them on the TV news rattling on about ‘nasty’ Iran and ‘regime change’  you can bet your life that lies about Iran will be served up every day courtesy of the BBC and Sky – to convince you that the west has to make war and destabilise that country too.  Iraq, Libya, Syria then Iran.  Then it will be time to divvy up the spOILs !!!

Don’t forget:  Elections are only there to give the populace the illusion of choice.  And a top tip.  If you want world news well reported then go to Al Jezeera and leave the BBC and Sky in their own little manipulated world.

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In go the Bullies

So last night the USA, France and good ol’ UK lauch air strikes ‘against a chemical weapons facility and two other targets in Syria’.    So they ignored all the calls for not sending missiles screaming into another country – why would they do this?  Would it perhaps have anything to do with the fact that Chemical Weapons Inspectors were due to arrive in Syria TODAY  SATURDAY??

Now everything had been obliterated we will never know whether there were chemical weapons in Syria or not – but can you imagine what would have happened if the raid had not been launched and subsequently, inspectors had found no such weaponry?

We can speculate all day but I think this whole thing stinks to high heaven.  Now Trump, May & Macron can say that they destroyed everything because we are good and Syria, Russia (and Iran because they will be next) are bad.   I think it is time to wake up to the fact that all countries have their agendas, many of which are kept secret from the people.  The news media just spread the official line and whoop in joy and celebration.  Civilian casualties are denied but we don’t know for sure and probably never will.  All nations, particularly the USA have a dark underbelly of secret dark arts and the news will always be controlled and manipulated.

Despite many calls for talks and a delay until the weapons inspectors had gone in to collect evidence, we sent in the missiles and once again it is hailed as a great success for democracy against the tyranny of Assad’s ‘regime’.  The USA love that word ‘regime’.  Whenever they want to walk in to another country and bomb it for oil and minerals they talk of ‘regime change’  whether or not that leader of that nation was elected to office.  To the USA it is a regime that has to go – Police force of the world or corrupt country in bed with Israel.  You choose!


War and Peace

Oh how our Western media are doing the bidding of governments in portraying the Russians as the bad guys with absolutely no evidence provided as yet to put Russia in the frame for either the attack on the father & Daughter in Salisbury or the chemical attack in Syria.  But boy oh boy how convenient this all is for America, France and Britain to justify them going to war.

As I am typing this Mrs May has assembled her ‘war cabinet’ and the members of that elite club were seen on the news striding into number 10.  The problem I have with all of this is that all of the actions involving chemical weapons are unproven – the evidence virtually non-existent.  Even Boris said ‘why should we give Russia the benefit of THE DOUBT’?   There should be no doubt Boris – you should be damn sure with real tangible evidence before your party drag us into what could turn out to be a war.

The news media have been clever.  They know as well as May, Trump and Macron do that there is no proof that Russia did anything to anyone and on that basis the war cabinets should dissolve, Trump should shut up and Macron calm down a bit.

What stated off with ‘it looks like it could be Russia’  pretty soon became ‘we are pretty sure its Russia’.  They are careful to add the phrase ‘alleged chemical attack’ because that is all that it is – alleged!   Trouble is that when you say it loud enough and put the same clip of film on the news (of kids crying and being doused with water) over and over again – the propaganda machine will have worked its magic on Joe Public and they will want Russia brought to book. (sheeples)

Remember this:

We have seen no pictures of the two Russians subjected to the chemical attack in Salisbury and as they have ‘recovered’ they have been whisked away from the public eye.  Were they actually attacked?  We saw plenty of pictures of Letvinyenko right up to the time of his death.  But not a peep from these two, just a carefully prepared and stage-managed statement.

And in Syria it seems incredible that Assad would use this stuff on his own people the very day a weapons inspector was present – he would have to be stupid.  Also remember that The White Helmets are a questionable organisation with a chequered history and Isis also has the chemicals apparently used.

Trump May and Macron should all concentrate on finding the evidence and truth, take it to the United Nations and enter into discussions on real punishment for those involved. They should right now halt all military action and call a summit for peace involving all parties.  Peace is what we should all strive for every day.  The rush to war is the action of the insane.

Alternatively if real tangible evidence proves conclusively that Russia is involved (which I think is nonsensical) then heavy sanctions should be levelled against them. But at least the world will have acted sensibly and calmly.

If three countries out of hundreds just go off on a tangent with an obvious separate agenda, then the United Nations is a spent force and should be dissolved at once.

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Big Pharma – Customers Not Cures

The following piece is taken from the introduction of a book entitled @The Cannabis Health Index’ by Uwe Blesching PhD.

You’re sick, with a chronic condition .  In a world of cause and effect, the exact cause of most chronic illnesses escapes modern medicine.  To make things worse, cures are few and far between.  In many cases, the best you can hope for, is to be managed by pharmaceuticals… In other words, by the corporate world.

Should you manage to make it to the doctor’s office, what may make you even sicker is to find out the hard way that only about 15% of medical interventions are actually based on solid scientific evidence.  Even if the actual evidence were double that estimate, it would still seem like a walk somewhere between a wish and a prayer.

How can that be?  For instance when Vioxx entered the market it was approved (i.e., tested for) an immune deficiency disease called rheumatoid arthritis .  However, once it was on the market, doctors quickly began prescribing it to patients with various conditions, a common practice called ‘off label use’.  By the time the medical community caught up with the deadly reality, Vioxx had killed an estimated 55,000 to 500,000 patients by causing heart attacks and strokes.  The company settled the resulting class-action lawsuit for a little less than $5 billion.  Sounds tough, but they still made about $10 billion in revenue over the life of the drug.

Consider this: the food and drug administration (FDA) actually has very little power and in fact does not approve drugs or devices but only the marketing of them.  Before the FDA approves the marketing of a drug, the pharmaceutical company has to prove that it is more or less safe and that it is more effective than a placebo.  Once the company has done so (usually at significant expense) the drug or device enters the market.

Many of us make the mistake of assuming that because of the successes of some specialised fields within medicine – such as emergency medicine or reconstructive plastic surgery, which are predominantly evidence based – that all of medicine , especially those branches that treat chronic degenerative illness, follows the same ideals. Not true, as cases like the Vioxx scandal clearly show.

So what is one to do?  Well don’t fret, change is in the air concerned doctor’s and patients advocates from 120 nations have been pushing for a different approach to medical decision-making.  Providing and promoting evidence-informed health decisions by producing high quality, relevant, accessible, system,and reviews and other research evidence.

So there you have it.  Up to now Big Pharma and the FDA have had it pretty much their own way with little or no recourse for patients affected but via the courts.  The push for evidence based research before drugs go to market is in its infancy but hopefully it is coming.  Fighting giant corporations who live for profit and are huge lobbyists with governments is not going to be easy

My next blog will demonstarte the power of Big Pharma to control the way you think!

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Religions across the world have little going for them (with the exception of Buddhism).  The Catholics protect and support paedophile priests and do nothing to prevent abuses from happening and continuing to happen.  Instead of helping innocent children they close ranks, circle the wagons and deny everything.  The centre of this nest of vipers, The Vatican, conceal the real truth of the 17,000 spurious additions in the Bible like the resurrection and continue to preach faith in the church whilst burying Jesus’ & Mary Magdalene’s true quest.

In the USA the christians want to keep gun  laws intact, hate ‘fags’ and ‘gays’ and have a redneck mentality to all ‘dissenters’!  Whilst The Bible may take centre place on the lounge table and readings are quoted often, in reality tolerance, forgiveness and love are in short supply.

In short, Religion the world over has an appalling track record in promoting and practicing that which it preaches, love, peace, forgiveness, empathy and kindness.  Throughout history religion has lied, maimed, murdered, burnt thousands alive, buggered, raped and abused, across the centuries in the name of a loving god.

Lets see now – Crusades, Inquisitions, Honour Killings, Forced Marriages of Children, Unlimited priesthood Abuse of Children, Suicide Bombings, ‘Witch’ Burnings, Fatwas, the suppression of Homosexuals, (despite it being rampant in the Unholy Church of Rome) Ethnic Cleansing and the Supression of Women – not to mention the countless millions who were needlessly killed in the first world war due to the death of a Catholic Priest.   Isn’t it time the people saw past the flawed and bigoted religions and just consigned the whole bloody lot fo them to the bin along with Fear Sin and Guilt, the unrecognised tools of any controlling influence.

Time to become a bohemian free-thinker, a non-conformist, one who loves nature and all of her creatures.  Walk barefoot upon the Earth and connect with the real energy of nature.  The energy that science knows to exist.  Perhaps it is time for everyone to think anew.  The greedy and the governments, hand in hand with religion are destroying life on Earth.  Break Free before it is too late.   See the pictures below and don’t just think outside the box, throw the bloody thing away!

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Blind to the Genocide

Still just about inside living memory the jews were persecuted by Hitler and his Third Reich.  They had their property taken their lives destroyed and finally extinguished.  For many years we have all looked back at this dark period in our history and wondered how the Jews could have been treated this way.   Fast forward to 2018 and what has changed?

The Jews have been given their own land (1947) which they have called Israel, perched amid Palestine.  But with their god supposedly on their side the Jews of Israel have invaded more Palestinian land and taken it.  They have killed Palestinians and are continuing to kill Palestinians, men women and children – Israel makes no distinction and offers no mercy.  Israel takes the land, the houses and the property of the Palestinians while the world watches and does nothing.  The United Nations sit idly by while International Law is broken every day and God’s apparently chosen people continue their unholy rampage.

I was told recently that America (land of the free – and that is another joke!) will not act to intervene in Israel or use their power and influence to reign Netanyahu in because Israel is the designated place of the ‘second coming’.  So whilst they do not act very Christ like, the people in the US profess to be devoutly Christian and want to be there to reap their heavenly prize when Jesus returns to reward the jews for their wonderful kind deeds.  If that is the case, it is an absolute joke and one which beggars belief.  It is much more likely that the jews surround the White House and control the money so successive presidents turn a blind eye to the carnage inflicted on innocents by Israel.

I don’t care about nations and leaders, politics, money or power and I especially don’t care about religion – any religion.  What I care about and what any sane ans sensible person cares about is that nobody should ever harm another person – ever.  That countries continue to do so while others watch and do nothing will go down in history as a tragedy every bit as big, if not bigger that what Hitler did to the Jews.

If you want to put even that into perspective, the genocide of the Jews in WW2 was not the biggest genocide the world has ever seen.  That honour goes to the USA who systematically wiped out 100 Million Native American people to gain their lands and to remove the indigenous people forever or at least reduce them to a minority that was insignificant to the structure of the emerging country. of the white man.

The population of Planet Earth  is made up of nations run by cruel governments who control the people through ‘police states’  In Spain & Catalonia the state is stamping down hard. Protests are met with lines of black dressed police with helmets and riot gear.  The USA where black lives don’t matter and the police are largely out of control.  In most countries, any large-scale protest by the population is met with armed response that resembles the StormTroopers of the Galactic Empire from Star Wars.  Media is controlled and the food we eat is riddled with toxins, pesticides and steroids.   The planet will always survive but mankind seems incapable of evolving.  Those at the top think they have it all.  But it will fall from them, then all that is left when you pass back to spirit is knowledge of the things you did.  What will those who spent their lives in control of everyone and everything do then – when the truth of their hearts will be known by all who surround them.

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Crucifixion & Lies

The following is an extract from my book  ‘Buried By The Church’

Jesus had to meet with the closest of his friends, the Essenes (dedicated healers), as well as with Judas and James (Jesus’ brother – also known as Joseph of Arimathea.) The Essenes would administer a herb mixture to Jesus whilst on the cross. It would simulate apparent death and should convince the guards to surrender the body. It was risky and once administered they would not have too long to administer the cure. Time was of the essence.And so the plan was born. Jesus would be handed over to the Sanhedrin, and he gave Judas the task of doing just that.

Now the Sanhedrin never usually met at the Passover but it did not take a lot to get them to call a hasty meeting. After all, this man was a troublemaker and here was an opportunity to be rid of him once and for all.

When the Last Supper neared its end, Jesus leaned over to Judas and said quietly, ‘Do it now.’ Judas was far from the traitor who betrayed Jesus. His part in the plan was crucial.

Contrary to the Bible story, Jesus did not have a very public execution. He was, in fact, crucified in a small area near some land owned by Joseph of Arimathea. Nearby was a private garden containing a tomb-like structure. Watching close by were Jesus’ Essene friends, frantic with worry about the barbaric wounds inflicted upon his wrists and feet. Whilst on the cross Jesus was administered a herb on a sponge that caused him to lose consciousness.

Joseph then managed to convince the Roman guards that Jesus was dead and they surrendered the ‘body’ to him. Not an easy task removing Jesus from the cross, but it had to be done quickly. Joseph and the others took Jesus to the ‘tomb’ where his friends, the Essenes, feverishly worked on the apparently lifeless body. They tended the massive wounds on his wrists and feet, as well as the wounds on his back from the lashings he had received. It took all of their knowledge and dedication. They tended his spiritual needs also. No one expected Jesus to suffer on the cross the way that he had: the lashings that he and only he received, the brutal nailing of his hands and feet. Like the Catholic Inquisitors that were to follow them, the Sanhedrin revenge was total. Jesus was in a much worse physical state than his friends ever expected to see. But his spiritual and physical determination was unbelievably strong.

Mary went to a quiet area of the desert terrain on her own, very private vision quest. She asked for only one thing: that her man should survive, for they still had much to do. She got the answer she needed to hear and returned to be with him. Once back at the tomb Mary cared for Jesus and assisted the Essenes during the next couple of days. On the third morning Jesus had recovered sufficiently to be walking around, albeit slowly. His wounds were healing well.

After a slightly better night’s sleep, Mary walked close to the garden that morning and was met by an Essenes healer dressed as always in white. She looked to a nearby cemetery. The healer smiled, looked at Mary and said the line now accredited to an angel: ‘Why look for the living among the dead?’ He went on to say, ‘Go to him; he is anxious to see you.’

Mary was at the crucifixion and was with him throughout the healing. It is she whom Jesus asked to take the news of the ‘resurrection’ to the other disciples. The very early Church recognised her true place when they gave her the title ‘Apostola Apostolorum’ – Apostle of the Apostles or The First Apostle. She was known even at that time to be second only to Jesus – not Peter. If only the people of that time had known that Mary was at least Jesus’ spiritual equal.

As mentioned in The Templar Revelation, the question must be asked: Where were all the male disciples? They certainly weren’t at the crucifixion; only Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ mother Mary and Martha are mentioned. The male disciples fled after the last supper and kept their heads low! They all deserted him. So much for the male-dominated Church that has no time for women as leaders. They listen too much to the words of Paul and Peter. It does them no credit. Does not one person in the Christian Church realise that it was the females who stood by Jesus through the crucifixion and beyond – long after the men like Peter had not only fled the scene but also repeatedly denied him? Is this the man to whom the pope of the Roman Catholic Church is ordained to be a successor? Irony indeed. Actually it may be rather fitting that the corrupt and manipulative Church of Rome allies itself so closely to one who ran away, denying all knowledge of Jesus.

After the so-called resurrection Jesus was still weak and in a certain amount of pain from his ordeal, but he and Mary met with the Essenes and Joseph. Joseph told them that it was too dangerous for Jesus there now and perhaps he should lie low for a while. And in any event, a rising God does not stay around! Jesus went to meet his disciples and they were upset that he had met Mary first. Peter’s hatred of women grew. Jesus told them to carry on teaching The Way, although he doubted that Peter had really grasped his teaching considering his dislike of women in general.

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