Life was not ever meant to be this complicated. Society has grown complacent.  So complacent in fact that we do not mind cameras on every street corner, on our computers, phones and now even on our TVs.  Surveillance cameras are everywhere.  Government agencies can track our movments via our mobile phones, can view our surposedly private emails and with drones and sattelites in the sky above us.  Orwell’s 1984 is right here right now and far worse than even he envisaged.  The state knows everything that you know and much of how you think.

The people appear happy with this.  Children are part of this surveillance world too.  They have electronic gadgets at a really young age and government agencies love it.  We all watch the tv news most believing much of the propaganda being spoon-fed every day.  Newspapers and TV tell us who to like and who to hate.

We happily live in a world of electronic gadgets, violent and mind numbing tv drivel like Eastenders.  The retirement age is raised again and again and nobody says hardly a word, whilst pay is frozen and life gets harder.

So where do our children fit in to all this?  I cannot be the only one who can see that life for the children is getting worse.  They play violent war games based on how many people you can kill before you get to the next level, thereby instilling into them a violent culture. Their education is being dumbed down to the extent that the only kids who get a good, solid and well-rounded education are the kids of parents who can afford to pay for them to go to private schools.  In most private schools they are not only given a solid grounding in the core subjects but also of the arts and music, sports like archery, politics and debate.  The are also taught gardening, horticulture and conservation.

In Norfolk there has been a 20% increase in the numbers of children being home educated.  Parents it seems, are beginning to see that with school classroom numbers so high and schools being self-governing and dropping the important subjects like music and the arts, that more and more concerned parents are opting to teach their precious children themselves.

So what should we be teaching our children?  We should be releasing our children from the grip of a society which is so broken and dangerous.  We should teach our children of other cultures and countries.  Teach them of the wonders of nature.  Teach them not to hunt but to cherish and preserve.  Teach them how to grow food, vegetables and fruit so that they know what food should really taste like.  Teach them of the slaughterhouses and the abject cruelty of man towards animals.  Teach them that animals are sentient and loving creatures to be loved or at the very least respected.  Do this and we will have children growing up who will have the tools and the knowledge to help change this messed up world for the better.

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I am very glad that the world is taking notice of the Sky campaign on plastic waste. Companies are promising to end plastic use for things like cutlery, cups and packaging. Paper and cardboard will have to take the strain, which I greatly fear because more trees will be cut down. It really is time that the government started issuing licenses to grow – and actually launched a campaign to actively encourage the farming of HEMP (Cannabis Sativa). It really is nature’s wonder plant, like it’s brother Cannabis Indica. Deforestation could END with the growing of Hemp. It was banned in the 1930s to keep the logging industry in the USA happy, and the planet has suffered ever since. Britain of course followed suit!!



The Illusion of Democracy

To make this world a better place and restore balance and kindness to living, first we must continue to look at what is wrong!

So I have posted about Religion being no more than a control mechanism of lies and stories, of church and state being one and the same.  Now I will state here and now that there is no democracy.  No matter how the Americans prattle on about the land of the free and how the west is democratic and the east is essentially dictators, the truth is that no western country is a democracy.  In the USA and any western country political leaders and representatives are regularly bought by giant corporations who fund their campaigns.  They ‘lobby’ politicians every day and are welcomed into seats of governments so long as their cheque books are open.

Governments lie to the people they purport to represent on a daily basis.  Governments will implement policies solely for the purpose of cutting funding to the poorer in society whilst increasing the coffers of the rich.  That is why the gap between rich and poor has never been greater than it is now.  Representation of the people is almost extinct.  Elections are run only to give the people the illusion of democracy.

The USA has been in being for over 200 years and for only just over 20 of them have they not been at war with someone!

And don’t think for one moment that watching the news on TV will give you the real news – it won’t.  The western news media is controlled and stories picked and edited to get the viewer ‘on side’ and to turn them against a country if necessary.  At the moment it is the nasty Russians.  The Russians fixed the US elections – baloney.  Big Business got mad because their puppet Hillary was out foxed by Trump and his promises to middle America.  Since Trump got into power that big black underbelly of ‘black ops’ government operations has tried to blacken Trump at every turn, and they want him out!

In the French election Macron came from nowhere and won the presidency at his first attempt!  Hand-picked do you think?  Without truth and open government we will have NO democracy.  Its like the old joke:  ‘How do you tell a politician is lying?  His lips move.

Tomorrow: How are kids are being manipulated.  Don’t believe me?  You will.  We can make it better but it starts with realising what is going on.

Religion – a waste of time

Mankind sees himself as outside of nature and able to control it – top of the tree!   He thinks he is the boss and he is destroying vast swathes of Mother Earth and polluting even more.  He contaminates without a single thought, the very air that he breathes.  So long as there is profit in it, he will do it.

Humans are just an infinitely small strand in a grandiose tapestry of life on this planet.  It has a delicate balance and man is severely ‘out of balance’.

If we are to change this planet and the life of all of its creatures for the better, we MUST change our ways.  Mankind must learn to co-exist with not dominate other creatures and life forms.  Not because he has to, but because he WANTS TO!  In short he must have a change of heart.

I use the masculine here but all of mankind must change and that includes everyone.  I see man but I don’t see anywhere near enough KIND.  ManKind it isn’t.

Here is some food for thought.  If swaggering leaders want to go to war – let them go – alone.  Put the leaders in a room and lock them in until they sort it out.  Let no man take up arms of any kind against man woman child or creature.  His respect must be for all life on the planet.  Anyone who takes up a gun to use on another is ‘out of balance’ with the Universe itself.

Why do we have Death Dealers on the planet?  Arms manufacturers dealing in death and maiming of women & children for profit.  If you want to know the real reason why wars are fought in the 21st Century – just follow the money.  See who is making  a profit -arms dealers, giant corporations and banks.  The people are the cannon fodder.  Expendable.  So ask yourself why it is we as a race allow people to make guns, bullets, shells, bombs, missiles and tanks?  Why do religions have Holy Wars?  because religion is stupid and part of the state.

If mankind is ever to evolve and grow spiritually we must end the lust for weapons and war and greed and domination.  We must learn to live in peace.  We must all, never want to take up arms again and never march to a war to kill people we don’t even know.

The people have the power really.  If enough people say enough is enough, it will be so.

Tomorrow:  What should we be teaching our kids – and whose news are you watching?

Religion & Control

Religion, especially Christianity was born as a system of controling people’s lives.   At the Council of Nicaea in 325ad the Emporer Constantine pulled off a master stroke.  The Roman Empire was beginning to fragment and there were dozens of different religious factions.  He invited (or commanded) leaders of all the various sects to the Council of Nicaea, at which he and they conspired together to bring everyone together under a religion so powerful that it would keep the people subservient to the church and state.  At this Council everything was laid down:  The books that would be included in the bible and those that would not.  They decided to change the words of Jesus to suit their emerging doctrine of fear sin and guilt.  They decided the forms of service that would be included; when to sit and when to stand.  They are still in use today.  There were hundreds of spurious additions and over the centuries there have been thousands more.   All gospels and books not incorporated at the Council were declared heretical.  Only the bible as devised at the council was declared ‘orthodox’.  The controlling Church Of Rome was born.  All original books were quickly buried and hidden under fear of death.

The bible today has over 17,000 priesthood forgeries – one of which is the ressurrection.  The Roman Catholic Church know that the ressurrection is a spurious addition – a lie.  A control mechanism and a business!!.  Tomorrow:  Church & State control


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hello and welcome to Earth Shift Now.  I think we can all agree that this world is as messed up as it can get.  Over the coming days, weeks and months I hope to demonstrate a better way of living for us all.  I hope to remove the dogma of religion and free your spirit a little bit.  I want to expose the subtle control that everyday life, governments and media exercise over you and your family every single day.

Life was never meant to be like this, yet we have a society where religion preaches fear, sin and guilt with eternal damnation to those who don’t conform.  We have a structure for life supported by governments, where the super rich take all and the poor struggle with foodbanks.  We teach kids to play violent war games and give them computers and phones that consume their waking hours yet they do not plant gardens, grow food, spend time with animals or know the joy of nature.

Worst of all – whilst the planet literally suffocates, wars rage, women & children die in vast numbers, our media lies and we remain asleep.

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